2018 Courses

Join Ancient Explorations' Director Dr. Ed Barnhart in 2018 for two exciting and informative travel courses to Southern England and the Amazon.

Megaliths, the Neolithic and Arthurian Archaeology in Southern England

An 8-day travel course from June 19–27. Details coming soon.

The Amazon Basin of Brazil: Ancient Civilizations, Modern tribes and the Search for El Dorado

This one-week travel course from July 30 - August 5 will travel by riverboat up the Rio Negro from the Amazonian metropolis of Manaus. Four days up river will feature wildlife expeditions by canoe, visits to indigeous tribes and treks to remote archaeological sites. In Manaus, participants will tour the city and meet with local archaeologists to learn about the latest discoveries revealing major Amazoinian ancient civilzations. Were the stories of El Dorado true? Let's go find out.